Farewell Canada!


Couple of my last memories of -15c Ottawa, Canada.

Tomorrow will be my last day in Canada. It is hard to say goodbye to this beautiful country seeing as to how I was blessed with two lovely daughters during our time here in Ottawa, Canada.
I met amazing new friends that I truly hope I may stay in touch with throughout my life. I have learned so many things that can only be learned through experience.
I would like to say thank you to Tim Hortons, Ottawa General Hospital, Ottawa Mosque, Dr.Shabib Gynae, Zam-Zam Restaurant, Walmart, Loblaws, T&T, Manphong, 786 Restaurant Montreal, Restoran Malaysia Toronto, Popeye Fried Chicken, Sultan Supermarket, Al-Jazeera Halal Meat), Dollarama, Winners, Picollo Grande, Chez 106, 88.5 Live and many more. Hehe..
The 3 years and 10 months spent here was priceless – but its definitely time to come home.


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