Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament at Parliament Hill

Saleh, Bahrin and I joined some 3,500 Canadians on the lawns of Parliament Hill, Ottawa on Saturday afternoon to protest the Canadian Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue parliament until March 2010.

The political rally was attended by a strata of Canadians – from the very young to the rather old. Sometime during the rally,  a group of elderly ladies who call themselves the Outrageous Older Women broke out into song to keep the rally going.

I almost missed a great photo opportunity of opposition leader Michael Ignatieff when Saleh and I went round the corner to Bytown Museum to catch a snowboarding show which did not take place.

By the time we returned to Parliament Hill, Ignatieff was already winding up his speech (which was not very inspiring). I hurried over to get some shots and found myself smack in the middle of the press crowd. It suddenly felt like old times – like when I was with The Star again. It appears the press is pretty much the same all over the world. =p


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