Sexapalooza Ottawa

Yes, she’s wearing high heels.

I first heard about Ottawa’s Sexapalooza event on the radio(can’t really remember what channel). Intrigued, I attended the event on their third and last day.

The event was packed largely with students. There were also many elderly persons there as well.

I asked the event officials before entering, if it was alright to take pictures. They were friendly and accommodating and gave me a rough outline on what is permissible for me photograph and what is not.

People at this event were remarkably friendly, and you could see that everyone was having a lot of fun.

I did however, encounter a grumpy rabbit (a gentleman in a pink bunny costume) who gruffly asked me if I had obtained the permission from a lady whose picture I was currently taking. Before I could say anything, the lady in question laughingly gave her ok.

More pictures click here


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